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Deep Black: Reloaded is a third-person shooter game, which offers a unique gameplay, which is half on-land and half underwater. The only noteworthy part about the game is the underwater sequences. You need to swim through underwater, flip a switch to open gates and kill the mines that swarm by, go back to land and then flip another switch that will get you back to the waters again. But at times the underwater sequences can get a bit annoying too, especially when you realize that you cannot fare through the levels without getting killed at least once by the mines who take you by surprise. It is the same with the land sequences too.

Deep Black: Reloaded consists of over forty missions and every level looks exactly the same. All the enemies look different and all combats are monotonous. New characters are rarely introduced and they are often very similar to the old ones. There are only a handful of guns available and they don’t respond differently. The game lacks realism and includes a ‘super weapon’ that vows to freeze the enemy, but never kill them. The game has a terrible story line. At any point of time, you will be wondering what is happening and why is it happening.

Well, Deep Black: Reloaded could have been much better but it might still attract the kids. There are no solid antagonists. When it comes down to it, this game offers nothing except for a collection of repetitive gameplay and an average storyline. It is a game which would not please the grown-ups or teenagers, but might just work wonders for the kids.

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