Crusader Kings II
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While most of the strategy games set in the medieval era are all about waging wars and conquering distant lands, but Crusader Kings II comes in as a much needed change. The game is about political maneuvering and trying to bring peace to the people across the holy land. It is a medieval strategy game that would take you down the history lane. Crusader Kings II is considered to be one of the best strategy games around and stays true to its storyline. The game has no set rule or aim as such and thus is all the more exciting.

So, what does one do in Crusader Kings II? Well, in Crusader Kings II the gamer gets to choose whether he wishes to start the game as the leader of a big empire or the king of a small country. Both have their own set of positives and negatives. Crusader Kings II is about how the gamer deals with issues and maintains relationships. It would even tell you whether a character likes or dislikes you via a gauge that ranges from 100 to -100 (strong hatred). Every judgment or decision that you take would have its impact upon your popularity and on your people.

Crusader Kings II would show that nurturing delicate relationships through treaties and various other means is rewarding in itself. Each territory that you acquire would supply you with taxes and troops which is helpful in trying to rope in peace. Hence, the gamer needs to foresee the future and plan the present accordingly. This would help him build a strong foundation. The best thing about Crusader Kings II is the fact that it covers a lot of ground and hence, you have a massive map at your disposal. If you are in love with strategy games, Crusader Kings II would surely impress you.

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