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Confrontation is way different than what you think it to be. The game may seem like a Double Siege styled or Diablo styled RPG, but in reality it is a strategy game. The game is much like the Dragon Age: Origins, only minus the RPG elements. It is a mission based game played in real time; however it comes with a pause feature. The game includes the flavor of a regular RPG to a certain extent, but is an outright strategy game. Each mission would take an hour and half to be completed.

In Confrontation, every time a new mission begins, the gamer would be allowed to seek help from four characters. These characters are segregated into various categories as healer, damage dealer, mage and a tank. The game boasts of good visuals and seems meticulously created. However, a little more insight into things would have surely been appreciated by gamers. The gameplay is good and would surely appeal to the strategy game lovers. The computer AI could have been better, but nonetheless works fine. The weapon and armor points littered across the place would help you unlock new levels or simply upgrade the armor and weapons.

Confrontation has made a name for itself owing to its superior storyline. The amazing plot and the voice acting are the other notable positives, of the same. The game includes single-player as well as multiplayer campaign. Confrontation is a game which would be much appreciated by the strategy game fanatics and is worth laying hands upon. It may not be something spectacular, but is fun to play even in its present form.

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