Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
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Download Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

An increasing number of games these days, seem quite alike, be it on the basis of the story or the idea behind the game. At times, they even look and feel the same, with few changes here and there. Such games have indeed spoiled the fun of gaming. However, there still remain developers who have been brainstorming hard to come up with something far beyond the ordinary and Pyro Studios has just achieved the unbelievable by coming up with Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. It is a real time strategy game which refuses to adhere to the genre norms and follows its own chosen path.

The world is in dire need of original games and at such troubled times, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines serves as a welcome change. The beautiful and realistic 2D maps in the game clearly depict tanks, bases, enemy barracks, river dams and other such features. The game even includes some eye candy to spice things up. However, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is not boring at all. Everything seems to have been well planned and well executed. The game even allows you to set tracking cameras and split the screen to keep a tab of enemy movements.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines has a clean interface and has a unique feel to it. The six commandos following your orders and every move of yours have been well designed as well. They have dissimilar attitude and appearance, one that is quite hard to find in such games. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a good game by all means. The best thing about the game is the fact that, gamers would have to think and play. They would have to carve out their own strategies. Hence, Behind Enemy Lines is a good game to test your combat skills. It would leave you hungry for more.

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