Download Colony Defenders TD

Tower defense games are the perfect games that allow gamers to test their skills in order to find out which would be the best strategy that can be used in order to keep all of the enemies away from the small colony. The people have arrived on a foreign planet and they have to sustain themselves until they are powerful enough to fight. However, this is not a fight that can be taken right now so the humans will have to play in defense in order to gather resources and protect themselves, too.

Tower defense games feature a fort, for example, that will have a path leading to it from the opposite area of the screen. This path will be used by the enemies in order to reach the colony of the game and they will come rather fast sometimes, depending on the level and also on the type of the enemy that is approaching. The way in which the player can defend the colony is to build towers, hence the name of the game genre, and these towers will automaticaly shoot at the enemy in order to kill everyone that comes on the path.

As the player progresses through the levels of the game, he will be able to purchase more powerful towers, because the colony is also growing and they are able to provide new technologies to the defenders that keep the enemies away. Interesting enough, the player can switch between ten different maps in which he can place the colony. Each of these maps has its own advantages and disadvantages and the player should find the best solution in order to keep the enemies away, otherwise he will be in trouble, because if too many enemies reach the colony, then the game will be lost and the player will have to restart.

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