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Titan Quest is an action oriented role-playing game that that is pictures ancient Egypt and Greece. If you are looking for a movie-like gaming experience, then Titan Quest is just the game for you. The graphics are stunning and very detailed, depicting the ancient world of Greece and Egypt in all its grandeur. You will go on epic challenges and quests that will leave you breathless and gasping. The world of Titan Quest will suck you in without you even realizing it, and soon you will get addicted to the game!

Titan Quest depicts the ultimate battle between the Good and the Evil. Your role is to make sure that the good triumphs over the evil. The Titans, who were the Gods before the Gods, seem to have escaped their captivity and are creating a chaotic situation around the world, wielding vengeance for their imprisonment.  This is a battle of power between the old and the new Gods, but the fate of the world will be determined by the actions and deeds of the heroes of the human race. You will be playing one of these human heroes and your quest will be to discover the secrets of how the Titans were once imprisoned, so that these Gods can once again be sent back to captivity. Your task will be to travel across the magical lands of Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, the Maze of Knossos, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Titan Quest is a stunning single or multi-player game that you will enjoy either ways. The graphics and the sound effects make the game very real and amazing to play. There will be not a single dull or tedious moment in Titan Quest. The plot is thrilling and the quests are challenging and action oriented. You will be addicted in not time!

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