Download Third Blade for PC Windows

Third Blade for PC Windows is an RPG game that is based on the hack and slash concept of action. In this game, your objective would be to kill all the monsters that you encounter on your way to the end of the wonderful story. To help you kill the monsters, there are three types of swords, namely One Handed Blade, Dual Wield and Two Handed Swords as your only partners through the entire course of the game. Each of the swords has its own unique powers that allow you to plan your way of playing and attacks.

With the completion of the game, you can also get 3 enhancement combos, which you can use to easily kill weaker enemies or get into a strategic position with the help of those mesmerising moves. There are more upgrades available for your weapons and skills to allow you to be powerful enough to take on numerous enemies, yet keep it competitive while you are taking on the evil heads.


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