The Real Texas
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The Real Texas is an action adventure game which revolves around a man who is an ordinary Texas rancher, tired of his monotonous desk job and his modern day life. So he decides to go for a holiday to England and falls into a Blue Portal which takes him to a land called the, Strange Texas. The land is an interesting place to explore as is a combination of modern day America and olden days of role playing games, England.

The game has its unique graphics and blocky characters which are simple but at the same time give you enough sense of what you are and helps you enjoy the game. The Real Texas is like a combination of the classics like Zelda of the early Ultima Games and Earthbound. The game allows you to have a number of fancy weapons and power ups along with other special items. You can go through people’s houses and things, and interact with any object around and even kick or break stuff just for the fun of it. Also, it has hidden secrets to unlock, treasures to find and hidden ways to interact with objects around. The soundtrack is low key and well suited for the game.

The game is different and it attracts attention through its storyline and the inclusion of various odd characters like witches, aliens and bandits. Visually it’s appealing because of the locales that are shown like forests, dungeons, deserts etc. The game has a bit of everything from exploration to problem solving and shooting. This is definitely for any person who enjoys a good role playing game.

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