Pokemon Revolution

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You have played the cards, and tirelessly watched the television shows. So now its time you tried your hand at the PC game that is another installment in this very successful Japanese series! There are a number of games that have been created, borrowing the background story of the original franchise. The diehard Pokemon fans have always looked for any way in which they can feed their passion for this animated creature.

The game paly of Pokemon: Revolution is simple enough to grasp. You are the Pokemon trainer and are required to collect as many Pokemons of different shapes and levels so that you can prepare them for the final battle. That is not all that is there to the challenge. On the task you will meet different trainers who have been creating their own army of Pokemons, and also enemies that you have to fight with and defeat to move ahead in the game. Besides this, you will need to be able to receive instructions or hold conversations with other non-playing members of the game.

Pokemon: revolution is a very basic and traditional video game with the usual tactics and thrills of a role-playing game. What adds to the brownie points of this game is the fact that you can collect all your favorite pokemons along the various levels of the game. The graphics are average, have nothing to brag about in the world of perfect and life-like graphics in other games of this kind. The sound track is average and nothing significant. If you have been a great fan of the Pokemon franchise then you will enjpy the game as a fix to your obsession. However, there is nothing inviting or promising about the game is you are not a fan of Pokemon. If you are looking for an extraordinary game, then look elsewhere.