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Necronator 2 is the sequel of the first Necronator game and it will be a pleasure for the gamers that went through the first installment. This sequel is a continuation of the story that was briefly presented in the first game. However, this time, there will be more details available and the players will have the opportunity to explore more in order to find out different secrets of the world in which they live. The space is pretty big and it will take some time until everything is discovered.

However, there are some great bonuses around and players will definitely enjoy them as they play and discover them - it only requires a trained eye in order to spot something out of ordinary in a forest or even in a city market. These objects can be really useful because they are weapons, armors and special potions that will aid the character in battle and so forth. The dominating genre is that of a role playing game and despite other elements being added, too, this one is the one that truly matters and that will be the most obvious to the player that start an adventure in this game.

The main character of the first game has made a return in this installment and players will enjoy seeing him again. The player will level up after earning experience in the battle and he will be able to use the money that he earned in order to purchase upgrades for the character. There are quite a few upgrades available and all of them are interesting - however, they are designed for different character builds so the game allows for some replays after it was finished once, because the player will be able to create a character in a different way and have him fight in a new mode.

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