King’s Bounty

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King’s Bounty is a thrilling adventure game that offers the best of action and strategy gaming. You can explore the lands of the world in the game and also have strategy based battles and quests. The environment of King’s Bounty is very medieval, packed with monsters, dragons, magic, kings and treasures. If you enjoy this combo, then King’s Bounty is a game that you will relish playing. The graphics of the game are so good that for a while you may just explore the world in which you are based.

Right in the beginning, you will have to choose your character. Unfortunately, the choice is limited, and so you will have to resort to either a warrior, or Mage or a Paladin. You will also be allowed to choose a name for your character. There is a bit of a tutorial involving the historical background that will tell you more about the history of the world, however there is an option to skip the tutorial of you want to start with the quests immediately. In the challenges that come forth, you will have to solve puzzles, quests and also mysteries in order to move forward in the game. The game can get tough as you will have to be very careful with the planning of your moves if you want to defeat the baddies.

The graphics and scenarios are excellent and very real, and that is a major advantage of this game. Although for people used to playing very action oriented games, King’s Bounty may seem a little slow and boring to play. The atmosphere created is very enthralling and adventurous, making the game very enjoyable. The numerous quests and puzzles will keep you hooked on to the game. The character customization option may seem a little limited and thus could put you off the game.