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Over the last couple of years Grand Theft Auto IV has established itself as one of the best Grand Theft Auto games around. The game is known for a good character driven plot, well designed city, amazing multiplayer mode, humor, great character portrayal and some notable add-ons for the PC gamers. The game is set in Liberty city where the gamer would don the role of an illegal immigrant named Niko Bellic.

For those who are new to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the game is about splurging cash, stealing cars, dishing out death to cops and routing local gangs. The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV includes video editor and customizable radio station. It would allow you to hook up with 32 other gamers. The game even allows you to save your progress in the single-player mode by logging in through your Windows Live ID. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the gamer would have to start the initial game as a hired gun.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a different game altogether. You get to choose whether or not you wish to do something. These decisions in turn set the pace of the game. With a gameplay length of about 30 hours, Grand Theft Auto IV is a tad longer than most such games available these days. As you proceed with the game, you would find the protagonist to be swift at what he does. This is what keeps the plot interesting and is all the reason for gamers to vouch for it. In short, it is worth having a go at.

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