Download Elphis Adventure for PC Windows

Elphis Adventure for PC Windows is an adventure RPG game that takes you to a fantasy land with a mysterious story that would seem to be mixture of Red Riding Hood, Jeanne d’Arc and Lui Bei. In this adventurous journey, you can play the hero of different ages and you would have to fall in and out of times and locations to add a new excitement and dimension to your wonderful journey.

The game is very interesting to play, especially owing to some of its special features. Combos are one of the strong points of this game. Getting a combo is very easy in this game, and once you get a combo, you would always want to make it larger, and the fun begins right there. Play to level up, get more powers, newer customizations, more power ups and greater fun too. You can enjoy this endless dungeon battle game with numerous bosses and difficult missions for a long period of time.

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