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There was a time when the Diablo games set the standard for role playing action games and Diablo III stays true to the original idea. The game is a work of art and is a mere effort of refining the same art without fiddling with the success formula. Diablo III boasts of a superior voice acting, easy and responsive controls, diversity in character classes, impressive graphics rendering and good customization. It is a combination of action and RPG model and has impressed gamers all round the globe.

Diablo III is far more addictive than its predecessors and the developers seem to have done their homework well. The game begins slowly and gradually picks up speed. The gamer gets to make his presence felt when the local residents of Tristram are besieged by corpses. A flaming fallen meteor has had a vicious effect on the people put to rest and it is up to you to jump into the game and save people. The game draws its inspiration from the previous Diablo games and the developers seem to have come up with a game that is bound to enthrall you with its gameplay.

Diablo III boasts of easy controls and that makes it a good game for amateurs. According to experts it is one of the most addictive role playing games around. The tight controls and the various skills make it an outright enjoyable game. The game includes various difficulty levels which significantly change the game and the gamer’s progress. All this makes Diablo III a good action game, one that would captivate you for a long time to come.

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