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Cute Knight Kingdom is set in a magical and mysterious kingdom. You are to play the role of a young woman who sets out to figure out her way around the world. Cute Knight Kingdom is an anime game with some really cute graphics. Right in the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose a name for your character; this will be on your birthday. The fun begins when your parents tell you that they found you when you were a baby, and that a magical fairy told them that you were destined for great things.

Strange as it may seem, Cute Knight Kingdom lets you discover your own path. you get to explore the mystical kingdom and gain skills and experience along the way. All this gets you closer to discovering your path and purpose in life. Cute Knight Kingdom is a very cute game to look at, although the graphics are not entirely stunning. The anime is very well designed, although it is very basic. Your main control will be your mouse. You will soon learn that to kill and defeat the baddies that you come across in the forest, you will have to only rely on your skills and experience that you have gained along the way.

There are no sound effects to speak of. There is a background track that keeps playing, and it changes depending on which part of the game you are at. This is a game designed to appeal to the younger players who enjoy role-playing games. However, for older and more experienced players, the lack of real time action and the constant cuteness of the game will soon tire them. The level of RPG is unusual, giving the game some brownie points. The combat may even seem boring to some players. Thus, this game is best played by younger players.

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