Download Arkandian Legends: Revenant

Arkandian Legends: Revenant is the second game in the great adventure trilogy in which the player will have the opportunity to play as a character that he will create. There are both genders available and each of them will have a couple of unique features that await through the story, so one must choose wisely. However, this increases the replay ability of the game as it does not feature a fully mandatory linear gameplay, mainly because of the quests that must not be solved in a certain way. At least note all of them.

The game looks really nice in terms of graphics - it is designed in Flash and it has two dimensional graphics. There could have been done some more work to the menus but overall the game looks great and it should not be a problem. The gameplay is the most interesting part of the game, especially the battle system, that is done just like in Dungeons and Dragons, with dice. Each of the players will roll the dice and this will determine the outcome of the hits that he will have to make or take. There is a luck "skill" that can be used in order to have better results at hitting.

The game overall is really nice, and the story is really immersible because the character can be created and later trained by the player just as he wants to create him. There are a lot of different skills that can be learned and upgraded and everyone will create his own one in order to get through the game. It must be noted that there is no perfect build for a character, as each one will bring the player to the end of the game with success, although the player should experiment during the gameplay that he has.

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