Download Angry Birds Epic for PC Windows

Angry Birds Epic for PC Windows is a new version of the Angry Birds franchise with similar objectives, but in a new avatar and with a new game play. The game comes with an RPG game play, allowing you to take on the bad piggies on the Piggy Island and take on the evil rulers of the islands, Prince Porky, Wiz Pig and King Pig. The village is built in very unique and wonderful design to feature objects like caves, tribal villages, tropical beaches and the snow capped mountains.

Introduce yourself to your team of birds, learn their ability and how to use them perfectly, and upgrade their ability to be more versatile, easier to use and more effective. The game also introduces new weapons over the over that these birds used to have. You can craft your own weapon depending on your needs from the likes of frying pans, wooden sword or even a sticky substance made using a sponge.

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