Download Nitro Stunt Racing

If you cannot decide whether to become a pilot or race a car, then with Nitro Stunt Racing you can do both! The game is so action packed and thrilling that you will actually have the sensation of flying your car around the roads! The car that you will be controlling is a powerful and sleek Formula Jet, that has been fitted with a reactor that will help you do jumps that will leave you gasping for breath. The jumps are so real and amazing that it will seem to you that you are spending a majority of your racing time in air! However, the good part of the game is that even when the car is mid-jump, you can control the car and make sure that it has a safe landing.

The controls of Nitro Stunt Racing are pretty easy to manage once you have gotten over the flying sensation. You will quickly learn the ropes of the game and will get hooked on to it in no time. There are also a series of camera views that you can use to see the track better. Also, you can change the camera with the C key so that you will be able to see the road even when your car is in the air during a jump. If you do not do this then the landing could be a disaster.

The only downside is that the demo of the game is pretty limited, and just manages to give you the slightest tempting taste of what the game holds for you in store. You are allotted only one car and you can race along only one single track that doesn’t have any loops for you to try out. However, the physics of the game along with the graphics and the sound effects will soon help you forget your disappointment.

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