Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Download Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a hot and smoking game that revolves around policemen hot in pursuit of robbers that are escaping. The game is an amazing addition to the franchise of Need for Speed. The game is set in Seacrest County, which is atmospherically beautiful with long sweeping roads and pretty limited traffic. The roads are perfect for racing and also for the robbers to escape the policemen. There are night and day modes and races to choose from, and both times of the day look very stunning to race in. there are a number of weather effects and features that hold up the arcade racing aspect of the game.

The game offers you a mode that has two options, you get to either be the racer or the cop chasing the racer. Both these options has a number of challenges and obstacles to deal with and overcome. You will get faster cars that you can race along the way to your heart’s content. In Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit there is an addition of weapons for both the police and the racers and this is the novelty factor of the game, making it all the more intense and nail biting. The sense of speed in the game is parallel to none and maybe the best one that you may have seen in a long time.

The graphics and the sound effects do complete justice to the Need for Speed franchise and live up to the arcade racing ideology. There are a series of online multiplayer races that you can easily enter and test your skills against other racers. There are a series of menu driven races and this means that you will not be driving around the county looking for competition. The cars are a sight to behold. The only downside to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is that it doesn’t use enough of the outside world.