GTI Racing
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Download GTI Racing

If you are a fan of dramatic and face paced racing, then GTI Racing is the game that will get your pulse racing. GTI Racing is extremely realistic and the dynamics of the game are second to none. You will feel the exhilarating sense of power and speed. The physics involved in the making of GTI Racing makes the game play so life-like that you will be completely blown by how real the game looks. Everything ranging from driving to crashes to leaps is so meticulously detailed that the game has no room for disappointment. The controls are simple to grasp, but to be able to control them precisely you will need some practice.

There are 15 Gold series Volkswagen cars that are a part of the cars in the option, and you can choose any one of them in the game. the cars span over five generations of the GTI Racing of the Volkswagen family and you will have great fun driving any one of them. The game also has a lot of modification options and tuning of the car is a treat for the players. The detailing is so great that there are lot of tuning options available that you can choose from. You have neon lights, spoilers, exhaust, rims, and wide body kits. You can add these to your car and make it look like a powerhouse!

There are over 70 races that you can choose from set over 6 race settings. you can also complete the 25 championships located all over the world and become the best driver of them all. there are features that will allow you to do things like slow down your opponents, or disable their cars. This will make the game seem less static. For all racing fans out there, GTI Racing is one game that you cannot afford to miss.

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