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Download FUEL

FUEL is definitely one of the strangest and most atmospheric games out there. It spans over 5500 square miles of vast post-apocalyptic world where your main goal is to survive. And since everything else has been pretty much destroyed, the only currency that you get rewarded in is fuel. FUEL has a lot of weather changes included into the game and this gives the game a very realistic and stunning feel. The graphics are very high end and there are no complaints regarding the sound effects.

You get to choose between a buggy and a motorbike to ride around in this world of FUEL. You will also have to opportunity to fly over the wastelands and this makes for a spectacular and thrilling ride. The scenery is very amusing and even though the game is not exactly very action packed, it still makes for a good game because of the original premise. When you are in the race you are given the freedom of choosing whichever route you wish to take on, and reach certain check points. However, there are a series of challenges that you will face on your way.

The game is easy to control and also the controls will make you feel like they defy gravity. The biggest highlight of FUEL is the vast expanse of land that you get to explore and race around in, even if the racing itself is not as engaging, you will surely enjoy the atmospheric feel of the world. The game is easy to pick up and play, and the spectacular views are the added advantage. The physics are pretty simple and not very advanced. Also, even though the world is huge, it is also quite empty and barren. All in all, if you enjoy the freedom of driving around in a post- apocalyptic world, then go for FUEL.

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