Download Formula Racer 2012

Formula Racer 2012 is a great Flash game that is definitely worth a try if a player wants a good challenge when it comes to racing. The game is designed in Flash but it still has some nice features that are highly enjoyable. Like the majority of other Flash games, this game has really nice and fine graphics that can be even tuned in order to have more or less detail, depending on the preferences. However, the game does not demand resources like a normal game that is installed on the computer so the players will have a much easier time during gameplay.

The game features three different Formula vehicles that can be driven. The first one is the only one that is unlocked and it gives the player access to a fair top speed and good handling. The second vehicle is similar to the ones featured at Le Mans, meaning that it is more powerful but it also loses some of the handling in order to pack more power. The third vehicle is the one that a player will await the most, because it is a Formula 1 vehicle and it is the most powerful available in the game, besides the upgrades that can be further applied for a better experience.

The upgrades are not limited to the color of the vehicle and they will also improve the handling and the speed of the vehicle. However, the player will also need money to purchase the second and third vehicles if they want to race them. The game features weather effects and the settings will have to be done according to the forecast to exploit the maximum out of the car. There is also a simulation feature in the game, as it has a few sliders that allow the tuning of the different parts of the car.

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