European Street Racing
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Download European Street Racing

If you are looking for a adrenalin pumped tourism package, then European Street Racing is the game for you. You will be racing through some of the most beautiful and famous cities of Europe at a heart thumping pace in your speedy and brand new car. If you enjoy tuning cars and dream of disputinf street races without getting into trouble with the law, then European Street Racing may be the right way to go. This game gives you the taste of street racing without leaving the confines of your comfortable room.

The races can get dangerous and challenging, and since they are on the streets, there is no saying what is going to happen next. There maybe more than just one competitor that will be controlled by the computer or by other players that are playing from around the world in the multiplayer mode. The races will take you around the gorgeous cities of Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin and many more. the next major attraction of the game is that there are opportunities that will enable you to earn money along the way and you can use this money to modify your car.

The sense of speed in European Street Racing is very realistic and the physics of the game are pretty cool. The controls are easy to learn. Besides earning money, your other big concern is avoiding obstacles that may come in your way in order to stay in the race for a longer period of time. There will be a number of difficulties and you will have to be very careful. The graphics of the game are stunning and the cities very well recreated, giving the races a sense of reality and atmosphere. The sound effects are perfect and the difficulties faced on the way make things interesting and entertaining.


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