Download Earn to Die

For everyone that enjoys killing zombies, this game is a must play in order to have a lot of fun. The game is designed in Flash and it will allow everyone, regardless of his computer capabilities, to play this small installment and enjoy zombie killing at the fastest possible pace. This time, the player will not have to play the role of the defender in order to protect the place in which he finds himself at the current moment. This time, the player will be the most vicious zombie attacker that will get rid of the zombies at a fast pace with armored and armed vehicles.

There are three vehicles that the player will be able to play with in order to crush and smash zombies from one encampment to the other. However, this is not the only thing in the game, as the upgrades play an even bigger role in the game and they will be pretty important for the player, as he tries the best to destroy the enemies that appear in order to earn the maximum amount of points with the least amount of damage taken.

The game features a basic vehicle in the beginning which will be able to support numerous upgrades that will make the vehicle even more powerful than the player could have imagined. However, nothing compares to a superior vehicle that is really powerful and everyone will definitely enjoy driving a big truck that will be able to crush tens of zombies at once in order to give the player a lot of points. Everything will be really enjoyable and the player will definitely like to kill all of the zombies that have appeared in the outbreak in order to save the world from the doom that keeps approaching at a rather fast pace.

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