City Racing
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Be prepared for the race of a lifetime! City Racing is a free racing game that is located in a city that is unnamed. When you begin the game, you will have a ruined car that has to be taken to a garage, and there you will meet the mechanic who will tell you more about the game. the premise of the game is simple and similar to other games of the same genre- you have to explore the city by driving around it, and find tasks and challenges that you can take up and complete in order to move up levels and earn credits and points. These points will help you upgrade to a better and faster car.

If you like games that have a little bit of dated graphics then City Racing will please you a lot. The cars are futuristic, but the atmosphere and the detailing of the city is pretty odd and dated. The cars and other vehicles are fun to look at, but not really visually pleasing. Even the pedestrians in the game seem out of date. The physics of the game are pretty much nonexistent, and the whole concept of speeding seems senseless. If you enjoy hilarious and badly translated dialogues then City Racing may seem like a bit of fun as the translation of the language is not up to the mark.

The graphics are out dated, and so are the sound effects. The city is pretty huge and there are a lot of challenges and tasks to complete. You can also have a lot of fun exploring the city; although for gamers who are looking for some authentic racing experience, you must look elsewhere. The physics of the crashes and the speed are terrible to say the least. Also, the dull graphics and atmosphere may put some players off.

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