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WereBox 2 is the long awaited sequel to the first game in the series and it will definitely allow the player to have at least the same amount of fun as in the first installment of the games. The action of the game is not fast paced, is not violent, but it is really awesome. There are no enemies that must be destroyed, only certain blocks that should and must be taken away from the screen in order to progress to the next level. A simpler explanation is that the game is a nice puzzle that also brings in some nice physics.

This is because such a game could not have been designed without the good use of a nice physics engine and the developers proved that simple Flash games can also provide a realistic experience when it comes to simulating gravity and colliding objects. But letting aside this aspect, the game is still great because it also provides some fun moments in between two sessions of thinking about what series of actions should be done in order to achieve a certain objective, that of taking away one or more red blocks or balls from the screen.

The game's first levels are pretty easy and they can also serve as a tutorial for the later levels of the game, which are also pretty interesting. However, the game's difficulty level will naturally increase as the player gets through the level because more challenges will appear and more things must be taken care of in order to ensure the success of a certain launch. However, this should not get too difficult and the player should still have fun. Sometimes a level might be replayed a couple of times but there is nothing impossible in the game and in the end it will prove to be pretty fun.

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