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This is Madness 2010 is the great sequel to the first game in the series and players that got through the first set of adventures will be able to experience even more fun to play levels in this second installment. The game is designed with a minimalist thought in mind, because the graphics do not have too many things added to them and they are pretty simple. However, this degree of simplicity is also a good thing to keep in mind because the player will have the possibility to have more fun with the actual gameplay, without being distracted by the rest of the elements.

This new game continues the adventure that has begun in the first game but was not finished then, because the hero got into further trouble that he could not handle too well and he has to find better solutions to the problems that appear. Because of this, the new game of This is Madness appeared, branded with 2010 to mark the year in which this game was developed. There is not such a big difference in time between the games but the quality has been increased in this new installment of the game.

There are bosses in the levels of the game and the first one that the player will encounter is a clown. Probably many of the players know stories of serial killers that are disguised in clowns and it seems like they are right, because this one, too, is a vicious killer that must be stopped by the player. The hero will need different maneuvers in order to take down the enemy and he will be able to earn points that will be useful for different upgrades of the armor and weapons. Overall, This is Madness 2010 is a good game which is worth at least a try in order to find out all of the elements.

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