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The Power is quite an unique platformer game that is really enjoyable after the player gets the hang of it and learns how to effectively control the character and fight with him in order to get rid of all of the nasty enemies that appear. The game starts with a story that took place before the actual events of the game but relates it to the current time. The main character of the game is one of the biggest bounty hunters in the galaxy and he is a feared character on different planets in certain solar systems.

He decided that bounty hunting is a job that he needs to quit, especially because he managed to gather quite a lot of money while doing this - he would not have been able to do so if it were not for his great skills. He finally arrived home when a weird event forced him to "get out of the bed" and start again his bounty hunting routine. This time he will have to hunt down an enemy that he has been looking on his entire career, but this time he feels like he has the power to take him down.

However, it will be another long journey until the hero manages to reach the villain, but then he will be able to put him down for good. Until then, he will have to get the best weapons in order to take down his boss and the method of gaining the weapons is by actually buying them, as he will receive money while killing the enemies on the levels. The game is built as a platformer and all of the graphics only have the contours of the objects, everything being rendered on a black background, in order to mimic the blackness of the space.

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