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Sticky Ninja Academy is a good enjoyable game that is developed in Flash. Even if somebody might think that such games can not provide too much fun and immersion regarding the characters and the actual game play, they are surely wrong. The fact with these games is that they also have stories and powerful characters that are really interesting to follow up with, because they all have a story and the player will definitely enjoy getting through each of these stories in order to discover which is the outcome that will be shown in the end of the story.

Sticky Ninja Academy is not just a simple arcade game, as it also combines some platformer and adventure genres, along with some fast paced action because a respectable game that contains ninjas must also feature some good fighting moments, in which the ability of the player to use the skills that he learned will be tested and he will see which is the difference between being powerful and skilled and being just an amateur that does not deserve to be a real ninja. Some fights will be tough because or hero is also powerful, and he will have to face everything that might appear.

There are thirty different levels in which the player will be able to compete in order to become the best ninja that has ever been but as he advances, the challenges will become harsher and he will have to pay more attention to the surroundings as you never know when a major problem can arise and put the player in a difficult situation. The graphics of the game are excellent, they are kept at the perfect level of simplicity and they are not tiring for the eye - making the game perfect for a full play through that might take a while.

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