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Solid Sneak is an interesting game that will take the player into a long platforming adventure that will definitely be enjoyable because there are a lot of nice elements that will add up to the overall gameplay feeling. The graphics are just the beginning of the game - they are quite interesting, especially because they feature a rather minimalist approach in order to present the elements of the game but also to allow the player to better focus on the things that he has to do in order to progress through the game.

There are a lot of enemies and they are also different, meaning that the player will have to analyze the information  that is featured in the beginning in order to better find out what is going to happen in the level that he will have to start. Such information is presented in the beginning of each level in the form of a briefing and the player can read it more than once, as he will have to press another key to actually start the level, so in this moment nobody is in a hurry. However, after the level starts, things will get more complicated and the player will have to make a bigger effort each time.

The aim of the game is not to kill the enemies, but to sneak past them. Sneaking is a much bigger ability than simply shooting and killing the enemies and this thing would not be wise, either, because the whole base will be alerted by the shootings. The player will start at a low pace but as he progress through the levels he will have to hide faster and better and he will also have to develop a better movement plan in order to avoid all of the guards that might appear.

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