Download Sim Sheep 2

Sim Sheep 2 is a really nice game that you will enjoy playing, not only because it is a good simulator, but also because it brings a combination of this simulation with some platformer elements that are also really enjoyable to get through. You will enjoy growing your sheep as much as you can and allowing her to have a nice life at your farm. This is the aim of the game and you will have to accomplish it as good as you can, in order to have your sheep satisfied over her life.

The sheep that you own will start as a small one and it will grow over time, but it will only do so if you feed it and take care of it against every danger that might appear around the farm. You are also able to choose how your sheep will grow up, being a good one or an evil one and this will increase the replay ability of the game as there are different options available for each choice that you make. There are also other options that you can look at with interest, such as the ability to read the sheep's thoughts about you, about the farm or random thoughts.

There is a help file that you can make good use of if you do not really understand how to play the game and it will give you a good helping hand. However, you might better want to experiment with the features of the game in order to have more fun, as you can later breed more sheep and have fun with them or kill some of them in order to give food to the others. The game allows you to do a lot of different things to the sheep and you should have a lot of fun.

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