Download Quadrax 5

Quadrax series are renowned for featuring one of the best puzzles available so you know that you are in for something really good when starting the adventure that is featured in here. The game is a really challenging puzzle that consists of multiple levels that will definitely put you to the test as you try your best in order to save both people from the mazes in which they are trapped, because this game gives you the control of two characters at the same time and you will have to find a way to free them both from the mazes.

This time, the adventure of Quadrax takes place in the Mayan pyramids, still bringing a lot of different tasks that must be accomplished in order to escape the deadly tombs. You will have to look at every possible element in the level that can help you escape if you are not sure of how to do it directly and you might have a great help along the way if you find a shortcut, for example. There are lifts, doors, stones and switches that can be used in order to have access to the exit door of each level.

The game consists of 75 levels that have an increasing difficulty level and you will have to pay attention to each of them if you want to continue through the others. The predecessor of the series was a good game, too, but this one stands out to be even better, not only because of the graphics that look better, even if they are still two dimensional, but also because of the gameplay which is much more fluent in this game than in the previous one, allowing you to have more fun in the mazes as you try to escape with both men to the next one.

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