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Psychout is a good combination between the arcade and platformer genres, with a little bit of unique touches to create an immersive world in which the players will definitely enjoy playing in order to reach for the end of each level. Even if these levels may seem plain simple in the beginning, they will become fairly difficult as the player progresses and they will need to repeat the levels for a few times in order to understand the mechanism that must be used and successfully put it at work in order to continue with the game.

The current game contains thirty intriguing levels that are interesting to get through, but sometimes the player could need a little bit of a hint. These hints are available sometimes and they will guide the player further through the levels. The first thing that must be taken care of in the game is to understand how to make out the most of the gravity shifting and map rotation. Exactly, the arena in which the character is placed can be rotated and the players will definitely enjoy this aspect of the game, especially if they also understand how to use it in the best way.

In order to escape the level, the psycho will have to reach for a key that will be near the other end of the arena and in the beginning, it will be rather easy to do this. However, as the player progresses, it will get more difficult to understand what the character is required to do and he will have to find a way to escape from the room by reaching the key. He will be able to turn around the room as many times as he wants but it will be fairly difficult to do without a little bit of logical thinking.

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