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Platcore is a game with a weird concept that will ultimately prove to be really interesting. The main element of this game are the robots that are everywhere. Some are the allied robots which will help the player along the way, some are enemies that must be destroyed before they can do any harm to the main character of the game, and this one is the most important. The main character of the game is also a robot and he will have to accomplish a series of objectives in order to reach his ultimate goal, the heavens of the robots.

It seems that this place actually exists but it is very difficult to be reached by the robots, they will have to undergo a long series of quests and just a few of them survive to the end. However, this time it seems that the things are even more difficult because the enemies are much tougher to this robot than they are to the other usual ones which might be around the road towards the heavens. This is mainly because the hero is a well known robot of the world and every enemy will try his best in order to stop him from accomplishing his objective.

The trip to the heavens is not finished when he reaches that place, though. There is an evil robot there who will try to destroy this place and the hero provides the only chance of the heavens to remain intact - however, this boss will not be a piece of cake to fight with so the hero will have to use all of the possible upgrades that he can afford in order to become stronger and have a chance against this powerful enemy, that will also be the last one of the game, just like a boss.

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