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Picture Mixture is a fairly interesting game that you might enjoy if you want something small that does not require you to defeat monsters or to do something similar. The game is plainly designed for you to have some casual fun and this is what you should do if you get into the atmosphere of the game, otherwise you will not enjoy it and you might get frustrated if you cannot accomplish the objective that is required. However, you should not have too many problems if you learn what is required and what is the best strategy that you should use.

Picture Mixture's title describe the gameplay almost perfectly. The game will start off by showing you a caricature of certain people and you will have to sort out the fragments of the picture in order to remake it as it was in the beginning. But this is not as easy as it might have been in other simpler games of this kind, but if you learn the basics you will be able to pull out even more complicated maneuvers that might require some dexterity from you and you will be able to solve the puzzles that are offered even faster.

You will have to learn how to push the squares around in order to make up the old picture again and some of them might be placed in tricky positions so you will have to think more the movement that you are about to make. However, there is not too much thinking time available as you will also have to clear the arena from bombs that might appear from time to time into the arena and if you do not take action before the timer of the bomb runs out, which is of five seconds, you will lose a life from the three that you have.

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