Download One and One Story

One and One Story is probably one of the best Flash games that a player could have the opportunity to play in order to have some fun. There are a lot of games that are built in this style but this one is actually unique as it takes the platformer genre to a whole new level within the gameplay that it features. There are some interesting settings for the levels and each one of them will take place with a different scenery in the background, so the players can immediately see that the developers took their time to really create something good.

The game features the love story of two young people and the player will be the one that will have to guide both of them until they are able to meet and have their love story go further until the next challenge, because they cannot be reunited for too long and the things will be pretty interesting as the levels are designed in a great manner that allows both of the characters to move until they reach the position of the meet up that they have. Sometimes the location is accessible, whilst sometimes it will be harder to reach it.

However, the player should still keep an eye out for the elements that might pose a threat for any of the lovers and he will have to avoid all of the obstacles and traps that might be set up on the way of the characters. The graphics of the game are really interesting and the player will have the possibility to experience some really neat visual effects that will definitely allow him to have fun. The love story of the two small characters will also be slowly unraveled as they travel through the whole world in order to meet.

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