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Nuclear Age is a greatly designed remake of an original game that is called Stone Age. The original game that was designed some years ago was based in prehistory, while this game preserves the gameplay features in the first installment, but adds a more futuristic approach that will take you in the nuclear age, just as the title of the game says. You will be pleased with the gameplay, especially if you had the opportunity to play the original game, as this time you will have a better idea about what you are required to do in order to accomplish your objective.

Actually, the gameplay's objective is really simple: you are mainly required to get from the entry point to the exit point of the arena before the time limit that you have runs out. However, beyond this simple objective you will find a lot of different obstacles that must be defeated and this might take a while before you can actually accomplish it, but overall it should not be a problem. You will not only encounter obstacles, but you will also be able to find different helpful elements throughout the arenas and you should greatly benefit from them if you are able to use them correctly.

The game has a lot of positive aspects, one of them being the large number of levels in which you will be able to take part. The interface of the menu is also designed with care and fits a perfect spot in the overall design of the game, which is also special. There is also a story line that will make you feel more immersed in this game than in a normal puzzle game and this is another bonus. There could have been done some more work regarding the sound effects of the game, though.

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