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Biological warfare is a cruel reality that might happen sooner or later, but for the moment it is only present in movies and games. This time, Infestor is a game that really manages to show the players how this warfare might work, in an exaggerated version because this platformer game will provide a lot of unique things on the way and the player will have to be able to make good use of every one of them in order to succeed, otherwise he will not be able to complete the levels.

Infestor is also the code name of the soldier that was sent in this mission. The war has started between two different factions and one of them decided that it would be wiser to infest the certain enemies that are fighting on the field. They have no idea what is happening and the player will have a great advantage, but he will also have to be able to sneak sometimes in order to successfully infest a certain enemy, as not everyone must be killed. These infested enemies will then later spread the infection to the others and thus, the biological warfare will become successful.

However, until that very moment, Infestor will have to get through a lot of levels, 40 of them, in order to reach for the final boss and also take him down with the powerful virus that he has hold of. This thing will not be too easy to accomplish, but the player still has a lot of advantages on his side and he will be able to use them all against the enemies that he faces in order to kill everyone and secure his position until further advancement. The game is really interesting and the unique gameplay allows the player to have fun in a new way.

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