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Hakatak II is a puzzle game that you will enjoy playing as you get through the levels that were designed by the developer. The game was created by only a single developer from a whole team, more as an independent try out at a project, but this does not mean that the game is bad. Not at all, as it seems like the certain developer really did a good job and knew his facts about the game that he wanted to design, so you will really enjoy the looks of the game that is Hakatak II.

The gameplay might not give you a good idea from the beginning, but you will soon learn that is focused on the gameplay features of the original Lemmings game. This might not suit you from the beginning because the original view from Lemmings, the one from the side, was not kept this time and you might have a more difficult time as you try to get used to the new view that is from above now. However, you will be able to play a tutorial level in order to get used to everything that is required in the game and you will then be able to get through the rest of the levels.

The game looks nice in terms of graphics, as they are really nicely polished and the textures and the colors have been also chosen with good taste in mind. Good Mojo is the main character of the game and you will have to guide him throughout all of the adventures that are laid in front of him if you want to make him a successful character. But you will not be able to control him directly, as he will move on his own, you will only be able to place guides for him.

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