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A tower defense game is always welcomed for a player that wants to try his luck and his skill at defeating the endless hordes of enemies that slowly but surely approach the allied fort. The objective of a tower defense game is to protect the base from the oncoming enemies that constantly appear in waves and try to destroy the fort. The base must not receive too many attacks from the enemy, otherwise the level will be lost and the player will have to restart. This is not the most pleasant thing to do, especially at higher levels.

The player will have the possibility to choose between different maps in order to start the game. Each map is designed for a certain level of difficulty and this is really important as an unprepared player will be overwhelmed by the enemies that come on the path towards the base. Each level has a different design for the path and the player should know how to play the first one and master it before he goes to the next one which will be more difficult but also more interesting to play.

In order to protect the base against the enemies that appear, the player will have the possibility to build different structures that act differently against the enemy. Some towers only have the ability to slow down the enemies while others can act as EMP jammers and destroy the electrical powered robots. Other towers have powerful weapons that can blow up the enemy but they have a slow fire rate. There is much diversity in this game regarding the weapons and the player will have to find the best ones that he will build along the path that comes to the  base and try to conquer it with a probably powerful army.

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