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Diamond Hollow is the first platformer game in the series and it also combines some other genres in order to create a great adventure that will be greatly appreciated by every player out there. Overall, the game is really interesting because the player will have to get through a lot of levels in order to win the game completely, but until there it is a long way to go and there are a lot of obstacles that must be taken care of before the player can actually think about making a living with the diamonds that he managed to find.

The player will definitely be amazed by the fact that this is not just a classic platformer game, but it also has a good amount of role playing elements. This is because the player will have the opportunity to increase the skills of his character in order to make a perfect one that will be the best diamond miner in the whole world. For this, he has access to a relatively large number of skills that will be upgraded by the player at the choice after he finishes a level and receives the skill points that can be used.

The skill points count will increase as the player gets through the levels and it will be pretty interesting to create the desired character. Each of them will be able to mine for diamonds but each one will do it in a unique way. The player will also have to take in consideration the fact that he might also have to battle with certain enemies throughout the caves and he will have to also invest some skill points in the attack tree that will greatly help him on the way, even if he will mainly have a peaceful job of diamond mining.

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