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Challengo is a sequel of the original Chip's Challenge. You might not have heard of this until now, but you should know that it was developed in 1989 and it was launched for Atari Lynz. It was rather successful and it was ported to the earliest versions of Windows, but it did not feature an official sequel, as this one was cancelled. This upset a lot of fans and one of them that was so attached to the original game decided to create a remake that would encompass a lot of the elements that were featured in the first installment.

The game also features a story that you will discover as you get through the large number of levels in which you can take part in order to escape from the weird world in which you awake. You will take the role of Ray and you will have to guide him through a weird world after you discover that everything was changed after you woke up. There are a lot of traps that you will have to avoid and you constantly hear the distant call of a demon, and something drags you towards that place in order to confront the demon.

The game is so big that it features 10 levels that are only designed to train you. Only after you get through these levels you will be able to get into the "business" and start the journey through the world that is now a trap. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach a portal that will get you back to the normal world but until there you will have to get through a lot of different levels and enemies that will put you to the challenge. In total, there are 80 different levels in which you can take part as you fight the enemies.

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