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Bod Blob is a game in which the main character is Bod. He is a round blob but he is a pretty ambitious character, although he will need some help and guidance along the arenas in which he will have to complete certain objectives. The objective that must be completed every time by Bod is the one that features the grey blocks. These blocks are harmful to the environment and they must be destroyed but doing this is not always easy and that is why Bod better uses a guide instead of going on his own.

The grey stones that are present in the levels can be destroyed in multiple ways, especially depending on the possibilities of the environment. If there is water around, the blocks can be simply pushed in it and they will sink, awarding the player points for doing this. However, not every level has water and even if it has, sometimes the blocks may not be able to be sent to it because of walls or something like this. This is the moment where dynamite comes in handy in order to help Bod explode the blocks to dust, and this is a good solution, too.

The game's menu is written in Polish but there is no need for instructions as the game is really easy and everyone will be able to understand it with ease. There is no back story involved so there is no need of further translation of the game. The graphics are also pretty good, considering that everything was designed by a small team of amateur developers, but they seem to have done a pretty good job and they created a nice universe in which everyone can have fun along the levels that were designed for gameplay, in which the grey blocks must be destroyed.

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