Download Peggle Deluxe

If you have been a fan of the Bust-a-Move game then Peggle Deluxe is going to be just as delightful to play! The only difference between the two games is that you have to use a cannon to shoot down bricks and orange pegs. The challenging part of the game is that it offers 55 different levels of difficulty. So if at any point you feel that the game is getting a little too easy for you, just wait till you get to the next level! With each increasing level, more elements and pegs will be added to the existing ones. Your goal is not only to burst all the bricks and pebbles, but also to try and put your ball through the moving basket that is located at the bottom. This will ensure that you earn more points and also free balls.

When the last peg is hit by you, the game zooms into a slow motion mode. This happens until your ball hits the peg, and this will release victorious rainbows and stars in a mode called ‘extreme fever’. This will be your opportunity to collect more points and push up your total score. There is an option called the instant replay option, this option lets you view your previous shot at anytime in the game. If you are a more experienced player, then this game comes with 75 Grandmaster Challenges that will keep you hooked on to the game for many more hours to come.

The graphics and the sound effects of the game are remarkable and soothing to the eyes and ears. At no point will it seem like you are bored or that that game is getting too easy to play. The numerous levels and the instant replay slow motion make this a game that you will never tire of!

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