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Star Trek Online, developed and released by Cryptic Studios is a MMORPG. According to some, the game feels a bit unfinished and this is the reason perhaps that the developers came up with few additions in the later stages, to give it more of a complete feel. The opening quests may seem a bit strange but the introduction is nice and would indeed appeal to the Star Trek fans. Star Trek Online is known for its character customization, gameplay and sound effects, one which gives it the perfect Star Trek feel.

It is true that Star Trek Online could have been much better, but even then it does manage to impress people. The game is replete with action, intergalactic spaceship battles and phasers which capture the thrill of the interstellar adventure. The game has made its mark owing to the amazing character customization where you get to create your own self and villains, whom you choose to be pitted against. Hence, you can either create a Kirk like human version, a Vulcan character with pointy ears or even churn up a monster from your imagination.

As the game progresses, you would get to choose between cruiser ships, escorts and science vessels. The former has a sturdy built and can take many hits. It is a sort of tank. The escorts on the other hand have good fire power but are nothing like the cruiser ships in terms of body sturdiness. Lastly, science vessels are exactly what the name implies. These are good for healing and other support roles. Together, all this makes Star Trek Online a good game to lay hands upon. The Player-versus-player combats would indeed keep you glued to the game.

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