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Download RIFT

If you are hung over World of Witchcraft, then don’t be, as here is the perfect game that will give you that thrilling experience all over again. You will play in a world called Telara. The style of the game may seem a little standard as the plot and the way the game is set seems similar to other games of the same caliber. However, once you start playing the game you will see how it is very engaging and addictive. There are two character choices; you either get to be a Defiant or a Guardian. Next you can choose your class depending on the four ‘callings’ available.

These callings are very common for similar games, there is the Warrior, the Mage, the Cleric and the Rogue. Only in this game, you can change and better your character depending on how you progress in the game. the characters are very flexible, and they change and evolve as the game progresses, this means that you can never really know exactly what your character is going to evolve into. As you step into the world of Telara, you are right in the middle of a world that is at the verge of destruction. The sequence of the missions is very cool, and this means that you get involved into the plot completely.

The graphics are stunning and make the game look very dynamic. The baddies can fall into the game from other planes, and this makes the game look very challenging and appealing at the same time. The sound effects add an aura of adventure to the game making the game highly enjoyable. However, to people who haven’t been a part of action gaming world, may find the game a little confusing and hard to follow. For regular fans, this is a treat to behold.

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