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Download Mythos

If you enjoy massively multi-player online role playing games, then Mythos is just the game for you. Played online, this game allows you to strut around in a fantasy land where you get together with other players and complete quests with magical powers and team effort. The game features the planet called Uld, and this planet is constantly in and out of the influence of Gods. This means that the planet constantly faces dark ages and trouble in the form of battle and wars at the hands of unforgiving forces of the good and the evil.

Mythos is a standard yet highly creative fantasy game. At no point will you be bored or distracted when playing this game. In the beginning you are supposed to create a character that will represent you, and then move on to choosing the appearance and the class and so on. Soon after you are placed into the game and you can start playing. Next you will be subjected to tutorials and learning the ways of the game, like the controls, exploring the planet and more. After that you have to start with finishing missions and quests in order to gain experience. As ans how you gain experience, your weapons and skills will be enhanced giving you more power.

The best part of the game is that there is no monthly subscription fee as with many other fantasy games. This means that you will not have to pay to keep your character intact.  The graphics are stunning, even though the game looks and fees similar to many other games of the same caliber. The world of Mythos is very expansive and this means that you will never tire of exploring it. The game play and the plot do full justice to the game, and the action and challenges are all upto the mark.

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