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Legend of Edda is a fun filled 3D anime inspired graphics game published by Games Campus. It is a fast paced compact game with instances around dungeons, realm versus realm PvP features. This application has a cute and sleek MMORPG experience. With lots of customization options and a heavy load of class choices available, the game offers many thrills for users without any disappointment. This game allows the users to form groups and build guilds to clear the instances and also to fight with each other in many PvP forms.  The user can join either the Titan or the Olympian group and get in to the chibi styled world of Edda.

There are two factions to select from for the user, the Titan and the Olympian.  After selecting the faction, the player is allowed to select the character for the game. There are three groups, each with two classes offered to be selected from. The fighters group has two class named warriors and the swordsman. The warriors are the primary tanking class equipped with the sword and a shield. The swordsman has a high hit rate and uses two handed swords. In the Rogues group, there are two classes namely, Assassin and the Archer. The Assassin class has the talent to give powerful death blows instantly. The Archers have the capability to slow and worry the opponents with their high agility and skill.  In the Mage group, there are two more classes namely, Cleric and Wizard. The Clerics, as expected, have healing power which they use positively for their allies. They also can do the opposite for their enemies. The Wizards are the casters who can cast away spells that deal with heavy damages. They also have an Area of effect spells.

This is a fantasy game with attractive graphics. The most mentionable feature is the flexibility provided in the character make up and the number of groups available to make the playing characters interesting. The initial levels are easy for the beginners but you must be a real expert to face the challenges of level 20 and above. Otherwise, you will be just mowed down by the game. Availability of tons of PvP’s makes the application attractive along with the plenty of puzzles  and instance dungeons making the game a thrilling encounter.

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