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Download Proteus

Proteus is a different type of game. Many might not even consider it as a game, simply because it is more of a vacation for those who are tired of shooting zombies and terrorists all the time. So, what is it then? Well, if truth be told, you would never quite understand what Proteus is, until and unless you have tried your hands at the same. It is a kind of exploration in a charming musical wilderness. The game is set in an alien island and the creatures around do look other worldly.

Proteus is way different from the other games that you constantly come across. It has nothing to do with wars or strategy. It is more about exploring the wilderness and feeling the warmth around. It may sound boring to many, but there are people who would definitely like the look and feel of the game, once they get their hands on it. The island has a beautiful, yet mysterious air to itself and there’s music around. Proteus by no means stands a chance against the modern day high resolution games, but then it can’t really be compared to those games as it is so much different.

Proteus is not meant for professional gamers and instead aims at people who wish to try something else, something beyond shooting and the chaos. The game lasts for only an hour or so but can be finished in lesser time if you simply race between seasons. The best thing about the game is the fact that it generates a new play-through every time you log into the same. Each of these times you would find the island and the ambiance completely different. To some, it might be a journey into nothingness, but for others it would surely be a discovery in its own accord.

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