Download LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has always been a huge hit among people and the latest LEGO game based on the same, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is no different. The movie itself and the LEGO games have much in common, chiefly because they all have a sense of inane goofiness associated. The game doesn't really have a strong story (much like the movie), but is widely appreciated for its action and fun quotient.

Over the last few years, the LEGO games have shown signs of improvement, the process to which still continues with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. The game retains the charm of the LEGO games but has certainly redefined the success formula, which would get more and more obvious as you go deeper into the game. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean includes the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies till ‘On Stranger Tides’. The puzzles and the levels aren't too tough and are well suited for the amateur gamers.

The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is an improved version of the LEGO games around. The game boasts of water reflection, dynamic lighting and an improved visual style. It can easily be referred to as a worthy kid oriented game which can very well be enjoyed by adults. The scenes boast of silly surprises which add to the beauty of the game. However, there is more to LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. The gamers get to create their own avatar by joining body parts, adding skills and choosing weapons of choice. All this makes LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean a good game to lay hands upon.

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